What Clients and Audience Members are saying..

"Nelson, I cannot express enough how thankful we are to have had you at GFB YF&R Summer Leadership Conference! You came in and knocked it out of the park in everything you did! I know it’s a busy time of year, and we are truly grateful you chose to spend your time with us."

- Breanna Berry, Georgia Farm Bureau

"Nelson, a few of the staff here were talking and we immediately thought of you as we were discussing someone to wrap things up and send our folks home with a great message. Thanks for all that you have done for us. We have really enjoyed having you!"

-Clay Talton, Georgia Farm Bureau

"Once again, I appreciate the presentation  you gave today. “The most important things in life never show up on a balance sheet”, that’s the wisdom I needed to hear."

John Owens, NC State University

"Hey Nelson, Just wanted to say THANK YOU for speaking to us a the GFB Convention. I have heard many positive comments about what you said but also a lot about what a "down to earth" person you are. From one country boy to another - THANKS AGAIN!"

Tom McCall, Georgia Farm Bureau President

"Nelson, I have a tremendous amount of respect for who you are, how you present yourself and what you are about.  I have heard you speak a few times at various events over the past couple of years and each time I am drawn into what you say."

Brandon Batten, President Young Farmer & Ranchers, NC Farm Bureau & Creator of "I am your Farmer" Blog